The Offer of The Century!

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A spacious two bedroom house in Sleman, Indonesia, comes with a garage, a pond, a beautiful backyard, and a wife. 

Below the listing price of the house located on the island of Java (Rp 999 million or about US$76,500), the ad read: “Offer of the century!!! Buy the house and you may marry the owner (terms & conditions apply). Only for serious buyers and without negotiation.” When the listing for this house first appeared on the property website, many people assumed it was yet another internet joke. But the house’s current owner, Wina Lia, told reporters she was absolutely serious about her offer. Needless to say, the ad went viral across Indonesian social media soon after.

Wina is a 40-year-old widow who also owns a salon. When she confessed her troubles in the romantic domain to her real estate agent, the agent suggested that she include a marriage offer in her ad. She said she was surprised by all the attention, but hoped it would lead her to a responsible man she could share her life with. “Every night I pray and ask God to give me a good husband, and that the house be sold. I cannot bear this burden alone,” she said. She added that there was only one potential buyer, who had visited on Wednesday, but refused to give further details.

Let’s hope all this attention gets Wina the deal she is looking for!



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